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Efficacy Tester Pack Serious Dry Cough

Efficacy Tester Pack


Weekly Dosage treatment for Bronchitis USA, UK, Australia, Newzealand

Weekly Dosage
(minimum purchase 3 dosages)

Qty 1 – A$60.00 cents

Please select shipping


Qty  1 - A$60.00 cents

Please select shipping

Efficacy Tester Pack:

Shipping charges within Australia is 10/- + Aus $60/- = Aus $70/-
Shipping charges out of Australia is 15/- + Aus $60/- = Aus $75/-

Weekly Dosage - Minimum order 3 weekly dosages

Shipping charges within australia $10/- Aus $60.00cents X 3 weekly dosages = Aus $190.00cents
Shipping charges out of australia $15/- Aus $60.00cents X 3 weekly dosages = Aus $195.00cents

Shipping (Postage):

  • We use Australia Post for our deliveries.
  • Postage with in the state of Western Australia will incur a flat A$10/- postage charge and over seas will incur a flat A$15/- charge.
  • Products are dispatched as soon as possible but please allow upto 5 working days for standard post deliveries with in Western Australia and 10 working days for over seas deliveries.


  • Full amount refund back If not satisfied on purchasing of Weekly Dosages.
  • No refund for Efficacy Tester Pack purchases.
  • Purchase must only be made after carefully reading the warning signs as mentioned in the CLINICAL....STUDY page.
  • Minimum 3 weekly dosages must be ordered and consumed with out any gap as to achieve maximum satisfaction.
  • Or 1 efficacy tester pack can be purchased to try the efficacy of the product before starting the main treatment.

Payment Option:



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