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“Achieve 40% relief within 48 hrs – 72 hrs (Bronchitis treatment) with
The Efficacy tester pack – 1st one of its kind”

Only after achieving satisfaction with the EFFICACY TESTER PACK further treatment must then be carried on
for 2 - 3 wks consuming the WEEKLY DOSAGE for all symptoms to be alleviated.

“If not satisfied full refund back”

Note: This product is successful for most patients except for those that fall in the WARNING section as mentioned.
              Please read WARNING before making any purchase.” Click here

Clinical Study

CLINICALS …………… STUDY CLINICAL BRONCHIALROW has been tested in various countries with Doctors and Naturopaths for its remarkable efficacy in the treatment of mucus related respiratory illnesses like BRONCHITIS, DRY COUGH, PERMENANT CHEST CONGESTION & SINUS. All ingredients packed in gel capsule are tested in labs under US F&D + WHO standards.


In 1998 Gary Levido, Naturopath/ Homepath, was appointed bt Anthony Elsentrager and Adil Vakil of the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies to under take efficacy trials with Bronchialrow with patients having the symptoms of Bronchitious, results showed that all patients achieved temporary relief with in 48 – 72hrs and were able to discontinue their previous medication after an ongoing treatment of 2-3 weeks. This further was brought to the attention of the media.

In 1998 CHANNEL 7 Television of Western Australia gathered all testimonials of patients in the trials and telecasted on their weekly programme 'TODAY TONIGHT' patients how they got back to their normal life after consuming Bronchialrow. The sample of the ingredient was also taken to test its genuineness to a leading Lab centre in Western Australia and found every thing on the label showed was correct but could not detect how this product could prove so effective in the treatment for mucus related respiratory illnesses and found it was absolutely safe. This telecast was then also showed in various countries.

Now after 17yrs of successful test and trials and accurate studies one of the world leading CRO (Clinical Research Organization) is taking this product to a higher level to test what actually in the ingredient helps patients to stop build up further mucus, liquefy and expel the thick mucus that has been there ever since and brings the body back to normal daily living comfort.




BRONCHIALROW – Like bronchitis works exactly the same way for ‘SINUS’ Bronchialrow is effective only after 7 - 10 days. The medication has to be carried on for at least 3 weeks to achieve complete satisfaction or until all symptoms are alleviated.

Note: For SINUS treatment ‘NO Efficacy Tester Pack’ is required. A Complete 3 week dosage has to be consumed without any break once the treatment has started.


Do not use this product if:

  • You are allergic to Crustaceans.
  • You have a bleeding problem.
  • You are pregnant or a lactating mother.
  • You are a smoker or unless you are ready to give up smoking.

This product is only and strictly for mucus related illnesses like Bronchitious, Permanent chest congestion & SINUS.

Patients that use this product 'Bronchialrow' if experiencing tighness in the chest must stop the medication.

Some patients get back their symptoms after 3 – 5yrs some even get it back on catching a common Flu may be Viral or Bacterial.


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