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“Achieve 40% relief within 48 hrs – 72 hrs (Bronchitis treatment) with
The Efficacy tester pack – 1st one of its kind”

Only after achieving satisfaction with the EFFICACY TESTER PACK further treatment must then be carried on
for 2 - 3 wks consuming the WEEKLY DOSAGE for all symptoms to be alleviated.

“If not satisfied full refund back”

Note: This product is successful for most patients except for those that fall in the WARNING section as mentioned.
              Please read WARNING before making any purchase.” Click here

Welcome to Rowtasha    

Rowtasha Pharmaceutical is a family based company that has spent almost 20 years of research & development in various countries with doctors and naturopaths. The first to market the most effective product for mucus related respiratory illnesses that may be effective with in 48 – 72hrs.

BRONCHIALROW - Relief within 48 - 72hrs specifically formulated over the years for patients who have the symptoms of mucus related illnesses like Bronchitis, Dry Cough, Permanent Chest Congestion and Sinus… (For Sinus this product is effective only after 7 - 10 days and an EFFICACY TESTER PACK is not needed, a continuous treatment has to be taken for 2 - 3 weeks to achieve satisfaction).

BRONCHIALROW is a 100% natural product with no added colors or flavors and has crustaceans derivatives extracted from Fish, Crab, Lobsters and Prawn. It is rich in Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and Sodium & Phosphorous.

ROWTASHA is also the first to offer a product Bronchialrow in an EFFICACY TESTER PACK as well as a WEEKLY DOSAGE BOTTLE.


With in 48 – 72hrs the treatment begins to re-harmonize and re-balance the body by preventing further mucous build up. Bronchialrow has been specially formulated to liquefy and then expel the thick mucous that has been stimulated by allergic reaction. Some may cough up the mucous and spit it out while some like children may cough up and swallow the mucous and then pass it out naturally. Even though positive results may be seen with in 48 – 72hrs, Bronchialrow has to be taken for 14 – 21 days or until all symptoms are alleviated.

SILLIKER laboratories are one of the leading labs in the world who have analysed all the ingredients in the product ’BRONCHIALROW’ and have found it completely safe for human consumption.

Click here for Product- Analytical Report

WARNING: Do not use this product if

  • You are pregnant or lactating
  • You are allergic to crustaceans
  • You have any bleeding problem
  • You are a smoker or unless you are ready to give up smoking permanently


(Experiencing stopping, liquefying and expelling of mucous within 48–72hrs achieving 40% relief from Bronchitis)

An efficacy tester pack is a dosage only of 12 capsules (4days dosage) to prove that it works and how effective it could be within 48 – 72hrs. This efficacy tester pack for most people stops further mucus build up and then liquefies it and begins to expel the thick mucus that has been sitting there. On experiencing this medical break through only then go further for the complete treatment of 2-3weekly dosage. The treatment must be carried out for 14 – 21 days or until all symptoms are alleviated…. Further…….

Note: The medical industry has failed to understand what is in this Ingredient that helps people to get back to the normal life. One of the worlds leading research centers is now ready to further study what is in these natural Ingredients that does the work so effectively.

This product is available in various countries in the world where as in Australia this product is strictly manufactured only in western Australia for the state of Western Australia (Government regulation) Customers in other states of Australia can feel free to phone 0418 219 229 to discuss this issue.


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EFFICACY TESTER PACK Bronchilrow Weekly Dosage Pack


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